Teenager Decided To Get Vaccinated On His 18th Birthday After His Anti-Vax Mom Wouldn’t Let Him

Teenager Decided To Get Vaccinated On His 18th Birthday After His Anti-Vax Mom Wouldn’t Let Him

Ethan Lindenberger is an American teenager from Ohio who was never vaccinated because his mom was strongly against vaccination, even though his older siblings all had their vaccines taken. However, he celebrated his 18th birthday by getting vaccinated against a whole load of diseases.

Jill, Ethan’s mom, never allowed for him to be vaccinated against hepatitis, measles, rubella, and mumps, so he decided to take things into his own hands now that he’s old enough, and went to the doctors to get vaccinated himself.
It’s not something we regularly associated with doing on your 18th birthday, but he made the best decision he could make.

Ethan told NPR’s Weekend Edition that his mom doesn’t believe in vaccines because she had read something on the internet, and she thinks they are linked with autism and brain damage.
The teenager decided to get his vaccines after a public health emergency was declared in Washington State after a measles outbreak.

Many teenagers went to Reddit to ask how could they get themselves vaccinated without the consent of their anti-vaxxer parents, and Ethan was one of them. He wrote that his parents wouldn’t let him get his vaccines because they believe that vaccines are some kind of government scheme, but now that he’s old enough and has money of his own, he asked for advice on where should he get vaccinated.

Even though the rules about when you can have a medical procedure on your own in the USA differ across states, Ethan could legally get vaccinated once he turned 18.
Even though his mom was strongly against it, he started looking into it himself, and it became very apparent that there was a lot more evidence in defense of vaccinations and in their favor.

Even though Ethan already received some of the vaccines, he is booked to get more later in the month, and even though he says that he doesn’t question his mother’s love, he does think that her judgment is very wrong in this case.


Well if this isn’t the most ridiculous propaganda ever written. Your desperation is showing and it looks so, so pathetic.

Obviously this is a pharma hatchet piece… we can see it is right out of the playbook by certain telltale factual inaccuracies they perpetuate over and over again in the media. It is too bad that the author didn’t bother to check into it further; it only serves to make him look ignorant, or, at the very least, lazy. Sigh. If this story IS real, which I seriously doubt, a perfectly healthy boy has just injected himself with enough toxins to keep him sick for a very long time. He will undoubtedly rue the day.

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