Texas Mom Forced To Leave Public Pool By Officer For Breastfeeding

Texas Mom Forced To Leave Public Pool By Officer For Breastfeeding

Misty Daugereaux is a mother from Texas says that she was made to leave a public pool for breastfeeding her baby.

She went to the Nessler Park Family Aquatic center in Texas City, which is about 40 miles southeast of Houston, with her two young sons and her nephew a few days ago.

Her 10-month-old baby got hungry, so she decided to discreetly breastfeed him.

However, she was approached by a lifeguard and told that she couldn’t breastfeed at the public pool. Then the pool manager came and told her that breastfeeding was against their policy and told her to either “cover up or leave”.

Misty says that the manager gave her an ultimatum, and she told her to show her their policy where she needs to cover up and she’ll leave.
The manager was telling her that it was not right and she needed to cover up.

The mother then said that they can call whoever they need to call, but she’s not leaving for breastfeeding her son.

The manager called the police, and the officer who responded to the scene made her leave.

She walked out of the pool, and the Texas City Police Department released the footage of the officer’s body camera, showing the events that unfolded after he arrived at the scene.

The pool manager greets the officer in the five-minute video and tells him that Misty was “getting outraged” and “cussing” at the lifeguard who told her to cover up. The officer walked over to Misty and asked her what happened. She told him that she was feeding the baby, and he asked her if she cuss the lifeguard.

She told him that she absolutely did not do that, and told him that she has the right to feed her baby. She also noted that she’s conscious enough to know that she doesn’t want every man in the pool looking at her breast, but she’s going to feed her 10-month-old son who doesn’t take a bottle.

The officer then walked back to the pool manager, who told him that the baby was latching on one breast and she had both of them out. The lifeguard added that the mother was cussing him out, and that they wanted her out.

The officer asked the manager if they want the mother to leave, and she said yes.

The officer told Misty that she needs to pack up her things and leave. She said that it’s not fair, but he told her that the issue was she was cussing out a lifeguard.

She then gathered her things and left.

The officer then told the manager that he knows moms have to feed their children, but he thought they are supposed to cover up.

Misty posted about the incident on Facebook that evening, and she wrote that she felt very “embarrassed”. More than 1,800 people shared her post, and a group of breastfeeding mothers gathered outside the Nessler Park Family Aquatic Center on Monday.

Mistry told KTRT that she feels powerful, loves, and supported.

Even Texas City officials released a statement in which they said that they’re “reviewing the nursing concerns raised at the Nessler Pool and how it was addressed by their staff”.


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