Texas Teen Arrested Near A School Carrying A Rifle With 100 Rounds Of Ammo!

Texas Teen Arrested Near A School Carrying A Rifle With 100 Rounds Of Ammo!

A teenager was found sitting in a car outside of a high school near Dallas with a mask, semi-automatic rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition.

Currently, the 17-year-old Diego Horta is being held on $1 million bond on drug and weapons charges.

He was approached by a police officer who was patrolling near Rowlett High School somewhere around 9 pm, as two sporting events were coming to an end, according to the Rowlett Police Department.

“We’re glad that our officer encountered him early. He had the weapon, ammunition and a mask … Whatever we prevented, the outcome was going to be bad,” said Officer Cruz Hernandez, a spokesman for the department in Rowlett.

He also said that the officer on duty approached the car because the teen looked suspicious and he saw the rifle on the seat next to him.

He immediately took him into custody and searched his car. After a detailed search, the police also found 4 grams of hallucinogen drugs, 100 rounds of ammunition and illegal club.

The Rowlett Police Department issued a release, according to which the police had no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Horta planned to kill or harm anyone.

Understandably, the police department has been exercising added caution due to the recent shooting in Parkland, Florida and the fatal shootings in Dallas.

Before the patrol shift the officers were briefed about the 2 sporting events in the area – a basketball championship and a soccer game.

Usually the officer`s normal patrol area includes were the events were taking place near the Rowlett High School.


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