The “Inflatable Hunk” Float Is Here For Your Summer Fling

The “Inflatable Hunk” Float Is Here For Your Summer Fling

Summer is already on its way, and that only means one thing: summer fun!
Beaches, barbecues, and, of course, floating in the pool in the arms of a guy with a smile and a six-pack.

Fortunately enough, we’re introducing the latest must-have for this summer: The Inflatable Hunk Pool Float.
The Hunk will hold you around the pool all summer long, and it can even hold your cocktail.

The best part of it is that he can’t complain about it or tell you to get out and make some lunch for the kids, because he’s inflatable.


Wow, what a time to be alive!

The float is, apparently, made of “sturdy rubber” and it inflates to 2.7 by 2.4 feet.
Of course, if you don’t prefer a dude with a six-pack to hold you in the hot summer days, you can always get a giant unicorn that can fit you and six of your friends.

The reviews for the inflatable hunk has been positive so far. For example, one customer named him “Chad” and said that he was a “huge hit at a bachelorette party”.


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