The #MakeMySize Movement Is Growing, And Here’s Why

The #MakeMySize Movement Is Growing, And Here’s Why

Shopping can be a real pain in the a$$ for lots of women, and it is for one single reason: the (often) [email protected] way clothes fit!

Trying to find clothes that fit properly is practically impossible for lots of women. Many companies use tactics like vanity sizing, and it leads to nothing but annoyance and confusion.

Shopping, especially for women who wear anything larger than a size 8, can be a truly frustrating experience. And while many women argue about the lack of clothing options for them, one woman is taking it even a step further.

The woman behind the fashion blog The 12ish Style, Katie Sturino, started the hashtag #makemysize in order to openly call out brands for not making more inclusive clothing sizes. She decided to start it after she ordered clothes online, and none of them fit her. She was, understandably, pissed off, so she took it to Instagram to bring attention to the common problem.

Sturino further elaborated on the struggle in an interview with Health, and the reason which led her to start this movement.

“I had an online shopping order come in and nothing fit me. I’m a fashion blogger in New York City and I have a really tough time finding something to wear. And if I have a tough time, imagine how the regular woman who’s not a fashion blogger feels. I’m hoping that designers will take note and extend their sizes. And if they don’t already have plans to introduce extended sizing, I want them to see how many beautiful women they’re missing out on.” – she explained.

Many brands that don’t make clothing to accommodate larger sizes have been called out in the comments, and it’s really odd because most American women are somewhere around a size 14-16. Some of the brands are of the higher end, but women called out more mainstream brands too.
It was also pointed out that many brands sell plus-size clothing online only, and it’s very hard to know if the clothes will fit when they arrive.

The #MakeMySize campaign has been embraced by many women on Instagram, and for good reason. Why should size be a deterrent from wearing cute clothing that actually makes you feel good? Is it that hard for brands to know that the average American woman wears a size 14?


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