The Newest Starbucks Animal-Inspired Merch Is Simply ADORABLE

The Newest Starbucks Animal-Inspired Merch Is Simply ADORABLE

The Starbucks cup has already become an icon, especially in the social media world, and millennials seem to love taking photos with it.

In order to keep the trend going, the popular coffee chain offers a number of different mugs for people to drink coffee and tea and, of course, take photos of them and post them on Instagram.

And even though every Starbucks sells reusable cups, people have noticed that the most unique ones come from Asia.

Starbucks China decided to step up their mug game, and their newest merch additions are stunning.

I mean, who doesn’t appreciate tiny cute animals, right?
So, Starbucks China launched a line of items featuring animals for their new summer merch collection, and it has all the cutest ones, from raccoons to squirrels and hamsters.

The collection is super cute, but the only problem is that they’re only available in China. Well, I was thinking it was time for a trip anyway, so why not!
Check out some of the cutest items of the collection below, and tell us which ones are your favorite in the comments!


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