The ‘Not All Men’ Analogy Is Flawed, And Here’s Why

The ‘Not All Men’ Analogy Is Flawed, And Here’s Why

Sarah Everard’s disappearance shook the world. It highlighted an issue that most women have been aware of for centuries, but the world refused to see. Women simply can’t do everyday activities the same way men can – and that’s a fact. Regardless if you live in the ‘Western world’, this is still the case in many countries. Thankfully, Everard’s disappearance sparked a heated conversation about important topics, such as safety on the streets. We need to put an end to street harassment, but we will need help from men too. Yes, I’m well aware that some men came out in support, and the fact is that not all men put women at risk.

The issue was recently brought up by TikToker Prithika Chowdhury, who shared illustrative analogies about how the ‘not all men’ debate doesn’t hold any value. The real debate is how there are ‘enough’ men, or even ‘too many men’ that put women at risk! Check out the video for yourself below.


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The viral video has since been viewed more than a million times, and it got reshared on Twitter too.
As much as we want to make the world a better place for everyone, we will need the help of men too – and communication and dialogue are the keys! This is what people thought of the video:

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