The Real Heartbreaking Story Behind The Book That Our Moms Used To Read To Us

The Real Heartbreaking Story Behind The Book That Our Moms Used To Read To Us

Robert Munsch is the writer of some of our favorite children’s books, and his silly stories were loved by both parents and children.

He could turn absolutely anything into a great story, from pigs, to paper bag princesses, and even bodily functions.

However, one story always seemed to have a bit more sad than the others, and it made us all cry. It’s called “Love You Forever”, and it’s loved by millions of people around the world.

The story is quite simple: it’s about the love between a mother and her son. She sings him one song that I believe we all remember, and it goes:

I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living,
my baby you’ll be.

However, what made this story so emotional is that it was based on a heartbreaking story from Robert Munsch’s real life. He explained that it all started out as a song, and it was stuck in his head for years. Even though the message is sweet, it’s not a happy song, and it actually upset him a lot for a very long time.

He said that he had it in his head for a long time, but he couldn’t even sing it because every time he tried, he cried.

The reason why it made him so sad and it upset him so much is that it was dedicated to his wife. He explained that he made that up after he and his wife had two babies that were born lifeless, and the song was about them.

The book also had an unexpected life. His regular book publisher rejected it, and he had to find another publisher for the book. However, what surprised him the most were the sales of the book. The publisher told him that the book is selling very well in retirement communities in Arizona, in communities where kids are illegal.

Munsch soon realized that adults were buying the book for each other: parents buy it for grandparents, and grandparents buy it for their children, and children buy it for everyone, and everyone buys it for their children.

The book has since helped thousands of people express their love for their family members or friends.


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