The Upcycled Nike-Heel Hybrid Is The Shoe Of The Summer

The Upcycled Nike-Heel Hybrid Is The Shoe Of The Summer

Ancuta Sarca gained attention with her kitten heels made out from old running shoes, and she specifically used Nike running shoes.

She said that she wanted to place the trainers in a different landscape and give them a completely new function – feminine and elegant.
But when asked why Nike, she said that always loved the aesthetics, and it has a huge role in sportswear history. Oh, and the logo looks rather funny and unexpected on heels.

The designer loves to feminize sportswear and “make it fashion”.

The idea first came when she accumulated a surplus of unwanted running shoes, and, instead of tossing them in the trash, she decided to transform them into something unique: a pair of shoes she would actually wear. Sarca learned how to make shoes for her graduation collection four years ago, and she spent over four months taking shoes apart and putting them back together to see how they were made.

The designer recently collaborated with Sportsbanger, a punk sportswear brand based in London, and she created upcycled pieces made out from leftover air mattresses.

The dresses were inspired by the ones she wore while growing up in a traditional Romanian town, and her work is a mash-up of elegance and trash.
She said that she’s really attracted by the idea of fake glamour or elegance made out of trash, and making some chic things out of something that’s opposite of that – like her heels made out of flip-flops.

Sarca makes a conscious effort to reuse as many older items as possible, as only a mere 15% of clothing is actually recycled, including donations.
As there’s no infrastructure governing the way companies deal with pre and post-consumer waste, it’s up to imaginative creators like Sarca to take the initiative.

Check out the Nike-heel hybrids below, and tell us what you think about them in the comments!


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