“The Witcher” Criticized Over Women “Fighting Like A Man” By Conservative Commentator

“The Witcher” Criticized Over Women “Fighting Like A Man” By Conservative Commentator

Conservative commentator and host of Daily Wire Andrew Klavan recently took an issue with the new and popular Netflix series The Witcher that is based on the book series of the same name by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski.
Klavan said on his “The Andrew Klavan Show” podcast that he couldn’t believe that any woman could win in a swordfight.

He declared that he was immediately put off by the fact that there’s a queen in the show that fights like a man. He added that he hates these scenes, because no women can fight with swords. He actually said that zero women can fight with a sword.

Well, aside from the fact that The Witcher is actually fictional, claiming that zero women can fight with swords is just stupid (and false). In fact, women’s fencing is an Olympic sport, and women have participated and will participate in every other form of sword fighting known to this date.

Klavan tried to clarify his comment by saying that a woman could possibly take the life of a man who didn’t know how to use a sword at all, but he believes that a woman winning against a skilled man in a sword fight is too impossible even for fantasy.

He somehow managed to sound even more stupid when he added that if a woman fights with a man skilled with a sword, she would lose 100 perfect of the time, because the five-to-ten-pound sword would be too hard for the woman to swing again and again, especially against the “much, much stronger men”.

So, the thing is that Klavan seems to think that it’s impossible for strong women to exist at all.

“They should have made the character a man. She’s a man. She’s, uh, gross. And she swaggers around, and she rips into the meat and tears it with her teeth and, you know, and then… and curses people out. She’s a man.” – Klavan added.

This is what the Internet thought about Klavan’s nonsense:


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