These Are The Most Common Lies You’ve Been Told About Feminism

These Are The Most Common Lies You’ve Been Told About Feminism

The word feminism, although widely spread, it is also very often misunderstood and people are starting to be afraid to refer themselves as feminist exactly because of that reason.

After talking to people who are actual feminists, we created this list of the most common misconceptions that people have when they hear the word ‘feminism’.

1. Feminists are just man-haters

A big no. With feminism being defined as: “The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”, it has nothing to do with hating men actually. And if you’ve met a feminist that hates men, that is their personal problem and must not be applied to the whole movement.

2. Feminists are lesbians

Are you serious? Since when believing in having the same rights as men define one’s sexuality? Feminists come from all kinds of different backgrounds in order to fight the old patriarchal system and it was never related to one’s sexuality. So don’t try to make it about that.

3. Feminists believe women are superior to men

Once again, feminists actually advocate for EQUALITY, which cannot in anyway be correlated with superiority. The focus is on creating equal opportunities for both men and women. Gender wage gap is real and fighting to fix the problem does not mean women want your job or money but to be paid as deserved.

4. Feminism began when women wanted to vote

Not true. Yes, the suffrage is one part of the movements for women’s rights but that’s not where it all started. Feminism has been around since practically forever. There are records of matriarchal societies centuries back, and also feminist literature from the 17th century with the same ideals as the suffrage movement.

5. Feminists never want to get married

Yes, there are probably women who are feminists and don’t want to get married, but those are only their personal beliefs who should not be applied to the movement. Feminism doesn’t require for you to be single, in fact, it does not require anything except having the right of free choices. And marriage is also one of the choices.

6. Feminism isn’t necessary anymore, women are equal

Feminism will always be necessary. There are always things that need improvement and there is always progress to be made. If we stop talking about it, we will stop moving forward from the archaic patriarchal system which is pretty deep-rooted.

7. Feminists shouldn’t take their husband’s last name

To mention this again, feminism is about freedom of choices. If a woman (that happens to be a feminist) wants to take her husband’s last name – she can, if she doesn’t want to, it is also okay. There are no rules to be followed so just live and let live.


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