These Men Despise Women So Much They’ve Sworn Off Any Relationship And Refuse To Speak To Them

These Men Despise Women So Much They’ve Sworn Off Any Relationship And Refuse To Speak To Them

Believe it or not, thousands of men say that they are so fed up with women that they’re cutting them out of their lives completely.

These dudes, united in their hatred of women, are known as MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), and there are tens of thousands of them from all over the world, lurking the corners of the internet.

Members of the MGTOW, pronounced mig-tau, communicate almost entirely online. Intimate relationships are off the cards, and relationships are banned. Marriage, expectedly, is the ultimate no-no in the movement, and the highest level of MGTOW expects the members to quit their job and move off-grid so they don’t even have to look at women.

These men say that they choose this because women can’t be trusted, they’re “manipulative”, and “they’ll suck the joy out of your life” and “rinse you for every penny you have”.

Their men-only forums are full of arguments that society has become stacked in women’s favor with many unequal divorce settlements, higher rates of men taking their own lives, and false accusations of a misdemeanor.

This is a prominent MGTOW YouTuber True Grit Productions. He says dating is a minefield that is best avoided.

Reportedly, there’s an unofficial hierarchy within MGTOW groups, based on how committed men are to having no women in their lives.
Check out the list below:

Level 0: Embrace the idea that gender equality is a lie and propaganda.

level 1: Reject all long-term relationships.

Level 2: Reject all short-term relationships and stop having intimate relationships.

Level 3: Only interact with wider society where you have to.

Level 4: Disengage completely from society.

Even though it all sounds like a bit of a joke, more than 60,000 very serious men are subscribed to the anonymous MGTOW message board on Reddit, and thousands more belong to similar forums elsewhere on the internet.

One very common topic on the MGTOW forums is virginity, and many of these dudes say that they have proudly chosen to never have an intimate relationship with a woman. They even describe their devotion to celibacy as “going monk”.

Many of them fear of false accusations, and it’s the driving force behind this, while others argue that women are using intimacy as a way to get to their wallets.

Many of these men discuss on the forums how much they all hate “White Knights” – men who would unquestioningly jump to defend women in hope of hooking up with them. The only thing they hate more than women, however, are male feminists, or “manginas”, and “Chads” – attractive jocks.

MGTOW members share anecdotes about their messy divorces, post memes they’ve made about women and how they will ruin your life, etc. The YouTubers devoted to the “movement” argue that men should only by focusing on money, rather than chasing women.



I feel the same way about narcissistic, abusive, conartist men but I don’t feel any need to hate all men, recruit “members” or hide away from society. That behaviour is just mental illness at it’s finest.

It amazes me that people who regularly receive 100% of the dollar I get 75 cents on, who need no legislation to protect their kind, and generally just need to pay the court-ordered child support to get visitation…these people whine so loudly and apparently with no shame. They were born in a position where showing up warrants applause, and they still feel oppressed. If anyone tries to point out their advantages, they get angry and go to the Misery Olympics, even with me, a widowed quadriplegic! I hope they get it together, their kids need them!

Hi, Molly.
It is possible to be MGTOW without leaving society. I have been single for 15 years comes Christmas, 2019, and have no intention of ever entering into another relationship, short or long term.

Doesn’t mean I ‘hate’ women, only that I am not going to willingly/knowingly put myself into a position where one of you might take advantage of me. Likewise, I would suggest that a lot of men who have gone MGTOW are not doing it ‘cos they ‘hate’ women but rather as a form of self-protection.

I have seen one man, married for a whole 3 years, lose 3/4 of his substantial estate in a divorce, even though there were NO children. WHY would anybody in his – or her – right mind subject themselves to that kind of treatment or even the risk of it?

Tammy Wynette once sang a song entitled, “Stand By Your Man”.

That line of thinking seems to have well and truly flown out the window and vanished out of sight quite some time ago. Now it seems to be more like, “Take Him For All You Can.”

Western women are by their very nature and their ‘nurture’ deceitful critters.

You doubt me? Then consider this.

EVERY time a woman puts on make-up, high heels, an uplift bra, a foundation garment, false fingernails or eyelashes, colors her hair or any of the other things that they do to ‘enhance’ their appearance, they are being deceitful ‘cos they are presenting themselves as something that they are not.

And there are whole industries dedicated to enabling them in this behavior.

NAWALT – Not All Women Are Like That. Maybe not – but enough of you are that it makes it VERY risky to try to establish any sort of relationship with any of you.

Just my 0.02.

You have a wonderful day. Best wishes. Deas Plant.

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