This Bracelet Shocks You If You Spend Too Much Money Or Eat Too Much Junk Food

This Bracelet Shocks You If You Spend Too Much Money Or Eat Too Much Junk Food

Many people would want to have someone to yell at them if they eat something unhealthy or if they buy something completely unnecessary and absolutely out of their budget once again.

Being able to control yourself is one of the toughest things in life, and we are usually left on our own to make those decisions. However, if you too are one of those people who just can’t stop eating, spending money, or sleeping, there’s an interesting new product on the market.

Meet the bracelet that aims to stop you from spending too much money or eating too much junk food:

The bracelet named Pavlok can be purchased on Amazon, and it’s a “behavior training device that works by utilizing Aversive Conditioning”.

The creators of the products write that “aversive conditioning is essentially behavior training that uses negative stimuli and association to help reaffirm a specific action as undesirable”.

For example, the reason why so many people continue to smoke, even know they know it’s bad, is because it’s pleasurable.

That’s why Pavlok is ultimately so effective, or at least that’s what the creators say.

The bracelet can be used to help you break many annoying habits, like wasting time online, eating fast food, biting your nails, smoking, etc.
The way it works is pretty simple: using the slightly uncomfortable stimulus of a shock, Pavlok helps train one’s brain to associate the bed behavior with the uncomfortable stimulus.

The creators say that after as little as a few weeks, your brain will begin to say “Hey, maybe I Don’t like smoking after all”, or “Hey, maybe that donut doesn’t do much for me”.

We must admit that the idea sounds great. However, the reviews online have been mixed:


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