This “Hospital Hack” Might Bring Down Your ER Bills, And People Say It Works

This “Hospital Hack” Might Bring Down Your ER Bills, And People Say It Works

It’s no secret that none of us wants to end up in the emergency room, for whatever reason it may be, and if you happen to live in the U.S., receiving the bill is probably the worst part.

As we know already, the healthcare system in the U.S. is wildly expensive, and treatment is often not covered even if you have health insurance (or it is partially covered). Many families across the country have been financially destroyed by medical bills, and there’s seemingly nothing we can do about it.

A recent survey conducted by the Stanford University has shown that 39 percent of Americans got a surprise out-of-network bill from 2010 to 2016, and the average amount of money paid was between $220 and $628.

Well, there might just be a solution or a so-called “hack”, and it was first shared by TikTok user shaunnaburns3. She presented viewers with a hospital “hack” she has learned that often brings the medical costs down significantly.

The video was then shared to Twitter, and many people confirmed that it has worked for them.
Check out the hack for yourself below:

So, this is the trick: Once you get the bill in the mail, you first call the hospital and ask them to provide you with an itemized bill, and ask them to provide a specific charge for everything, from medical tests, to band-aids – everything!

As it turns out, many hospitals would “re-evaluate” the costs and charges of certain things and items, for example, band-aids.

In many cases, the hospital wouldn’t want you (and everyone else, if you happen to share a photo of the bill online) to know that you’ve been charged $37 for a band-aid, for example, so chances are that they will either lower those costs, or cut them out completely.

Many others recommended asking for an itemized bill and coverage confirmation from your insurance company as well. Of course, this doesn’t work all the time, and it doesn’t always result in an ideal response, but it’s worth trying, right?


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