This Inspiring Transformation Of Mom Who Weighed Over 1000+ Pounds Will Warm Your Heart

This Inspiring Transformation Of Mom Who Weighed Over 1000+ Pounds Will Warm Your Heart

Mayra Rosales knew that her life was at stake if she didn’t do something drastic and fast at the moment when this photo was taken. At that point, she weighed 1,028 lbs.

Rosales lost her son back in 2008 and she was bedridden with grief for years. She needed her family and friends in order for her to be able to maintain her basic needs like bathing, changing clothes, getting out of bed or even using the bathroom. She was 35 at the time.

She even had painful bed sores from the prolonged hours in bed. Basically, she was in pain because she was not moving, but she couldn’t move because she couldn’t get up. However, it was then when the turning point took place.

Her doctor told her that if she continued with her current state, she was losing years of her life. However, all of the options for major weight loss included some threatening risks. With a do-or-die situation, Rosales asked for help to begin the long and painful process of losing more than half her weight.

13 people helped her to get to the hospital, where she endured a surgery to begin removing some of the fat.

The woman had 11 long (and painful) procedures before the real work began. She started a new lifestyle regimen after the last procedure, and she shed the pounds over the course of another year.

Regular exercise and most importantly, a healthful diet are the only real “magic spells” that work when it comes to weight loss.

Believe it or not, Rosales lost an incredible 850 pounds!

Her story inspired thousands of people, and she tells everyone that they should never lose hope because your life is worth the fight to keep!
Check out some of this champion’s amazing transformation photos below!


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