This Is How The Women Of The Royal Family Voiced Their Opinion By Sending Hidden Messages

This Is How The Women Of The Royal Family Voiced Their Opinion By Sending Hidden Messages

People judge other people by their clothing choices, and this is especially true if you’re a celebrity, and it’s even further the case if you’re a member of a royal family.
As we all know, the clothes of the royal family members are discussed in the finest of details, and sometimes their clothes are probably their only way to speak their minds because of the series of limitations that don’t let them say what they really think out loud.
Many queens and princesses of the British Royal family have chosen to express themselves by using their dresses by sending hidden meanings and messages behind them.

Princess Diana’s “revenge dress”

Princess Diana wore the “revenge dress” when she was supposed to appear at a Vanity Fair magazine party sometime after her divorce with Prince Charles.
Even though she was supposed to wear a classing and elegant Valentino dress, Princess Diana showed up in aa short, black dress with open shoulders and plunging neckline.
She violated the rules of the royal dress code by wearing this, and she also wore high heels, which she had never worn while she was with Prince Charles because she would appear taller than him.
This brave outfit earned the nickname “revenge dress”.

Queen Elizabeth II wedding dress, the “dress of hope”

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip got married in 1947, in a time after a war and in a country which was in a period of recovery at the moment.
The fabric for the royal wedding dress was bought with money sent from British citizens that wanted to help, and Britain’s brides sent their ration cards to the Princess as presents.

So, despite all the hurdles, Queen Elizabeth II looked great, and it inspired the people that really needed hope.

The “invisible” dress of Camilla Parker-Bowles

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla got married in 2005, and she chose to wear a pale-blue dress for the blessing ceremony, made of chiffon and a coat with golden thread.
She made this choice in order to make the wedding ceremony less noticeable and, in a way, invisible, as the couple was trying to avoid criticism from the public that absolutely worshipped Princess Diana and never really approved of Duchess Camilla.

The controversial dress Kate Middleton wore

British people love Kate Middleton because of her incredible sense of style, and all of her public appearances are actively discussed.

The Duchess of Cambridge wore a bright vintage short dress at her nephew’s baptism ceremony, which was a violation of the Royal family dress code, and she was criticized by members of the family.

However, Meghan Markle had also violated the rules a few times, so maybe this was Kate Middleton’s way of saying that Markle wasn’t the only one that could break the rules.

Princess Eugenie’s open back neck that showed her scar

Eugenie of York, Queen Elizabeth’s sixth granddaughter got married in October last year, and she chose a dress with an open back that revealed the long scar that she got as a result of the surgery she had as a child.

This was her way of telling people that there’s nothing wrong with having scars and that every scar has its own story.


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