This Is The Cringiest Wedding Invitation Ever

This Is The Cringiest Wedding Invitation Ever

When a couple plans their wedding, they usually go either traditional, more personal, or somewhere in the middle.

However, a couple from Kent decided to go downright irreverent.

The couple, apparently, tried to buck the “wedding industrial complex” with four-letter words, and their wedding invitations are absolutely full of cuss words.

The photos of the wedding were originally posted in the Facebook group decided to shame weddings, “That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming”, and Twitter user @Kelsie picked up the photos and shared them on Twitter.

This is the invitation, bordered with a garden-themed design:

The couple emphasized that this is going to be a child-free wedding in the details. They said that parents should leave their “little s…ts” behind, because they want to get f-ed up.

They left the guests take care of their own accommodations, and when it comes to the dress code, they wrote that guests can “go butt f-ing naked for all they care”.

What do you think about this wedding invitation? Do you find it even remotely funny, or you think it’s rude and unnecessary?

This is what people thought about the wedding invitation:


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