This Is The Reason Why You Should Never Sleep In Your Underwear

This Is The Reason Why You Should Never Sleep In Your Underwear

Most people sleep either in pajamas or in their underwear, but a recent study published by Dr. Alyssa Dweck might make us reconsider our choices.

The paper touches the topic of sleeping in your underwear, and it highlights a number of health risks connected to it.

First of all, wearing your undies to bed doesn’t allow the crotch area to breathe properly, which means that sweat and bacteria build up easily.
Second, women who are in menopause have hot flushes during the night, and it can lead to infection and irritation, especially in the warmer summer nights.

And things are even worse for men, because heating up their private nights can result in potentially compromised fertility.

So, if you don’t like the idea of sleeping commando, then you should at least wear your biggest and most breathable pants. And, during the warmer summer nights, try to keep your body cool to limit increased sweat and bacteria production, and lower your blood pressure.

Gynecologist Dr. Jullien Brady shares a few tips on how to keep your lady parts as bacteria-free as possible throughout the day.

She says that you should only wash the outside skin and the labia with water and a little soap.

You should use non-fragranced and simple soap. However, you should be careful with the amount you use, because a little can go a long way.

And, at the and, you should always be aware of your skin type. If you happen to have a sensitive skin or an allergy, you should check with your doctor about the best way to approach your private parts hygiene.


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