This Is What Sleeping Less Than 7 Hours Does To Your Body And Brain

This Is What Sleeping Less Than 7 Hours Does To Your Body And Brain

Even though we all know that we need to sleep, obviously, most of us don’t know what happens if you don’t get any sleep.

Sleep deprivation is actually a harmful condition, and if you’re not getting enough sleep, your body will suffer. Whether you notice it or not, it comes with many side effects, and even one night of too little or no sleep at all can mess with you.

A recent survey has shown that two-thirds of the adults in the U.S. don’t get enough sleep, and that can turn into a big problem for both your body and your brain.

Even though doctors recommend that adults should get from 7 to 9 of sleep per night, many adults believe that they can get away with much less. Either it is that, or they are forced to due to work and familial commitments.

A higher risk for certain cancers:

Disrupted sleep schedules and sleep deprivation have been linked to a higher risk for both breast and colon cancer.

Impulse control deteriorates

It can lead to weight gain and unhealthy behavior, as lack of sleep causes people to have more unhealthy food cravings.

It messes up with your memory

Getting less sleep will age you

You’ll feel lonelier

According to numerous studies, young adults who aren’t getting enough sleep are less likely to engage socially with other people.

You become cranky

As you probably know by yourself already, irritability increases after a sleepless night, and people are more likely to be bothered by everyday occurrences when they haven’t had enough sleep.

You’re immune system suffers

Your reaction time is slower

Even the libido suffers

The risk of diabetes is higher

It’s almost as being drunk

Sleep deprivation has been linked to bad decision making, and people lacking sleep tend to make more risky decisions.

It makes is harder for you to be happy!

Even a single night of bad sleep (or not sleeping at all) can lead to depression and unhappiness the next day. Getting enough sleep gives you a better chance for a good day, so make sure to remember that the next time you think you can ‘get away’ with just 3 hours of sleep!


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