This Is Why Parents Should Start Talking To Their Children About Periods As Early As Possible

This Is Why Parents Should Start Talking To Their Children About Periods As Early As Possible

Pixar’s 2022 movie ‘Turning Red’ sparked a heated discussion on discussing periods with young teenagers – or even younger children.
Namely, this movie includes several scenes in which a 13-year-old is getting her period (even though she didn’t), and the topic is openly discussed, even used for humor.
However, some people found an issue with talking about menstruation with young kids.

And while we’re all in for letting parents parent and making their own choices, we do believe that talking about periods as early in childhood is beneficial.

And not only girls. Both boys as well need to learn about periods early in their lives. I mean, why would anyone take issue with a child learning about menstruation? It’s a natural bodily function that half of the world’s population experiences, and it’s not something shameful or ‘taboo’. How can something that occurs naturally in your body be taboo? And kids will start asking questions, so the earlier you answer them – the better.

Is talking about periods uncomfortable? It sure is. But it’s inevitable. And there’s absolutely nothing ‘inappropriate’ or ‘disgusting’ about them. But as much as we need to teach our daughters about periods, we also must teach our sons.

It’s shocking how few men understand the topic of periods – even grown adults. So, it’s crucial that you talk about periods to boys as well. If you make it a normal part of the conversation, it won’t awkward anymore – not for them, not for you. In my opinion, you should be open with your children when it comes to periods, especially because many girls get their periods aged 10, 9, or even 8.

So, a movie that shows a 13-year-old girl that gets her first period is not some dystopian fiction, but it’s the reality for most girls out there. You may debate whether it’s appropriate or not to talk about periods with your kids, but periods are inevitable, and they shouldn’t really be an issue – regardless of the age or gender of the kids that are watching.

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