This Is Why You Should Take Out Your Inner “Gangster” When Raising Your Daughter

This Is Why You Should Take Out Your Inner “Gangster” When Raising Your Daughter

Raising a confident and happy daughter can be a tough challenge, because girls grow up surrounded by competing messages. They hear on the social media that they have to be thin, pretty, smart, do well at school, but avoid coming across as too clever.

The typical teenage girl is less confident than the average teenage boy, and she is more likely to have lower self-esteem and place more emphasis on her looks. It’s also more likely for her to assume that she is less capable than her male friends.

Here are a few tips on how to raise a strong, independent woman:

1. Show her how an independent woman looks like.

There’s nothing better than leading by example. You must show your daughter that you value and appreciate your own talents, and you should use every opportunity to praise other women and emphasize that it’s a good idea for women to have their own life outside of their relationships.

2. You should encourage them to aim high

You should teach your daughter/s from an early age that women and men are equal, and they are equally capable of doing anything. You should teach them that they can succeed in any profession they choose, and they shouldn’t restrict themselves to career choices to traditionally feminine jobs.

3. You should encourage her to take part in many different activities

Group hobbies are a great way for girls to make friends and learn how to build healthy relationships.

Let your daughter give it a try if she shows an interest in an activity, regardless if it’s considered a “boy thing”. By that, you will help her develop her intellectual, social, and physical skills.

4. You must always take her concerns seriously.

Whenever your daughter comes to you with a problem, you shouldn’t tell her that she’s overreacting or that she’s being silly.

You should provide a safe space for her to talk about whatever is happening in her life, and you should teach her that she can be heard by you.

5. You should teach her that her wellbeing should always come first

Even though relationships with people play a key role in one’s life, and there’s nothing wrong about falling in love, girls are often raised with the expectancy to comply with other people’s wishes and are often encouraged to please others rather than taking care of themselves.

You should teach your daughter that even though it’s OK to love your friends and romantic partners, she has the right to say “No” to anyone, anytime, anywhere.


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