‘This Morning’ Showed Moms Breastfeeding Their Children On Live TV, And Viewers Were Quick To Praise

‘This Morning’ Showed Moms Breastfeeding Their Children On Live TV, And Viewers Were Quick To Praise

Viewers have praised a breastfeeding segment on This Morning that saw mothers nursing their babies live.

Expert Clare Byam-Cook helped four mothers with some of the issues they were struggling with on the programme.
Two mothers were finding it difficult to get their babies to latch onto their breasts, and one of them was former Apprentice star, Jessica Cunningham.
Viewers were quick to comment on the segment on the social media, and they say that it helped ‘normalize’ breastfeeding.


One user wrote:

“@thismorning Showing REAL female nipples for their breastfeeding clinic.
Those mums feature are probably too tired to comprehend how proud they should be for normalising the normal.”

And another one added:

“Go you! Breaking the taboo, giving women what they need and deserve!”

Expert Clare was seen helping the mothers to adjust the way they were breastfeeding their children during the segment. She went on to explain the technique she teaches mothers when breastfeeding their children, and it involves shaping their breasts to match their mouths.

“Every mother in the country is taught to line the baby nose to nipple, wait for the baby to open her mouth really wide and latch on of her own accord.
The trouble is lots of babies don’t open their mouths wide, or lots of mothers have flat breasts.
What I teach mothers to do is to make their breasts smaller, rather than expecting babies to open their mouths wider.
If you don’t shape, it’s quite hard for the baby to get hold of anything.” – Claire said

However, she admitted that her technique is the ‘contrary’ to what other experts teach. According to the NHS, mothers should hold their babies close to the breast and with the baby’s nose level with the nipple. The mother should then ‘wait until the baby opens their mouth really wide’.


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