Teen Girls Are Abusing Their Boyfriends Without Even Knowing It, And You Might Be Doing It Too

Teen Girls Are Abusing Their Boyfriends Without Even Knowing It, And You Might Be Doing It Too

A Tumblr user has called out the hypocrisy of girls who think that what they are doing, and especially among kids, is not abuse.
Take a look at the post yourself:

Some of the items you will find on the list are common sense, but some of them are a little bit controversial. Many people actually do them regularly, but the post author wants them to stop.

It might not be illegal or physically abusive, but it can be a form of abuse on its own that people try to make someone feel bigger or stronger.

Maybe they fit your definition of “abuse”, maybe they don’t, but predatory behaviour needs to stop!

Two big issues in any relationship are respecting privacy and boundaries. When those lines are crossed, trust goes out of the window. But when the person who crosses the line has the power, it can easily lead to abuse.

There are many instances of emotional abuse, but people don’t usually get called out on those. So, the author sent a message to all the boys who might be suffering, and to the girls that might find themselves doing anything on the list.

People took the post and used it for good, even if it’s not the most popular thing to talk about.


We are “down” on you because your statement is an unsupportable gross generalization. Your sample pool is too small to be stastically significant. At best the conclusion that might be drawn from your informal data is that a number of the men(?) you know are only your friends because they want to get laid. Some of us that have met more men under different circumstances do not accept your statements as valid or true.

Now, living in Oklahoma I believe it is possible that some of the men(?) in the Mission, Kansas area may well be like that. It may also be that you are fishing in the wrong pond. Either way, we can not judge the entire male sex by the actions of a very few examples. I’ll also add that there are plenty of women that act like that, also. Nobody’s perfect.

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