This Woman Was Horrified By Her Date Who Made Her Split The Bill

This Woman Was Horrified By Her Date Who Made Her Split The Bill

One would think that we would be past this issue in 2019, but it apparently still exists. The question in name is: who pays the bill on the first date?

The best way to do it, probably, is to split it. I mean, you both agreed to go out, and it makes sense for everyone to pay their way, even if they decide not to see the other person again, and even if they had a good time or not.

Well, some people still do not agree on the idea to split the cheque, and this guy found that out the hard way. He shared screenshots of the conversation he had with the person he had recently been out on a date with. This is how the conversation was shared on Reddit in it’s full:

OK, so he asked his date if she would like to go on another date with him, but she thought he was “rude” for only paying his own dinner. Some people may say that he should have paid the bill, because it’s a first date after all, but others thought that she had no right to be angry because he only paid for his meal, especially after she ordered the most expensive thing on the menu.
Well, the conversation between them took the wrong turn after that, as you can see from the messages below:

The opinions of the people in the comments were divided. Some thought that she had absolutely no right to question why he did not pay for her dinner, especially after she invited him. Many women wrote that they never go out with the mindset that someone should pay for their drinks/food, and they don’t expect a free meal. Others, however, still stood strong that the guy should always pay the bill on the first date.
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I never go out with the expectation the person I’m with is paying for my dinner, and I always bring enough to pay for whatever I order.

Old school rules would be that she invited him out, so the expectation is that she will pay for both, and if he invited her out, he would be expected to pay for dinner. If it was agreed they would go out together (say, from a casual conversation rather than a formal invitation), both parties would assume they would be going Dutch and paying for their own meals.

A little common sense and courtesy, people! Is that so difficult?

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