TikTok Mom Says Baby Cribs Are ‘Baby Jail Cells’

TikTok Mom Says Baby Cribs Are ‘Baby Jail Cells’

Alice Bender is a so-called ‘TikTok mom’ with more than 100,000 followers. However, she’s been facing criticism recently after she said that baby cribs are ‘baby jail cells’ and equated it to misdemeanor.
Many commenters were shocked by her remarks and called the video a ‘big yikes’.
Alice, better known as @comingupfern on TikTok, regularly shares videos about raising her baby vegan and why she’s against vaccinating children. Another yikes!
In her recent video, she said that typical American nurseries are set up for the ‘parents’ benefit, and not the child’s’.


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She said that parents buy these ‘baby jail cells’ so they can leave their babies in there and walk away. However, she noted that she doesn’t have a crib because she will never enforce a bedtime for her child.
She noted that ‘babies are people too, and forcing anyone to sleep when they’re not tired is inhumane’.

She concluded the video by showing her baby’s nursery, including her baby’s bed on the floor. According to her, the floor bed ‘allows the baby to sleep when the baby is tired and get up and move around when it isn’t’.
The video has been viewed more than 8 million times, and it accumulated many reactions. Many people criticized the mom and made memes out of her take.

Source: Daily Dot


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