TikToker Says Women Should ‘Stop Giving Ugly Men a Chance’, Sparks a Heated Debate

TikToker Says Women Should ‘Stop Giving Ugly Men a Chance’, Sparks a Heated Debate

TikTok user @mtabby1996 gained a lot of popularity recently after she uploaded a video in which she urged women to ‘stop dating ugly men’. In the video, she says that women should stop giving ugly men a chance.

Expectedly, many people criticized the snippet and discussed it in a series of stitch clips.

One TikToker, @therightcorner, responded to the woman by asking: What do you think would happen if a guy made the same video saying the same thing about girls?

“Just picture for a moment what would happen if the roles were reversed?” – they said.

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Although physical attraction isn’t the most important aspect of a romantic relationship, psychology outlet Very Well Mind states that physical attraction plays a large part in romantic relationships and in deepening the bonds between individuals. Moreover, it’s often the starting point of relationships, as it helps people connect with each other and build an emotional attachment.

Although @mtabby1996’s TikTok account appears to be either deleted or suspended, many people discussed the topic. One user, who goes by the handle @buffanime_guy responded to her clip and @therightcorner’s clip and ‘reversed’ the ‘roles’ of the notion.

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Although the clip gained a lot of popularity, many people noted that the comparison isn’t fair because men have historically objectified women. Some even suggested that outside of TikTok, men in real life treat women worse if they don’t find them attractive – not even dating wise, but just basic human interactions.

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