In Today’s Society Fathers Have More Influence In A Daughter’s Life Than Mothers, Studies Show

In Today’s Society Fathers Have More Influence In A Daughter’s Life Than Mothers, Studies Show

Today there are more single moms than ever, so there is a tendency to believe that it’s perfectly fine for a woman to raise a child on her own, especially a daughter. However, this could not be further from the truth and these recent studies confirm it. Of course little girls benefit from having both parents around, but they need their father the most in order to properly develop on an emotional level.

Why Fathers Matter Emotionally?

This study, published in the Journal of Family Psychology suggests that girls who have a healthy relationship with their dads are less likely to develop depression and anxiety and are more capable of handling everyday stress. They also feel more comfortable talking about their feelings. All of this plays a vital role when it comes to having a fulfilling relationship in the future.

Other things that dads help shape for their daughter are self-image, personal values, sexuality and a feeling of control over their lives. A deep and healthy relationship between a daughter and her dad is essential for the girl`s feeling of control and her self-confidence.

Why Dads Matter Practically?

Besides having a colossal emotional impact on their daughters, dads have a deep effect on their financial future and physical health. When we combine financial stability with emotional and physical health, then we have a nice recipe for success.

Girls whose fathers are involved in raising them from the start are more likely to be fed well and are in a better physical health and condition, according to this study.

Involved From The Beginning

The bond between the father and his daughter is at its strongest when the dads are involved with meeting their daughter`s needs from the beginning. 75 years ago, dads were not allowed to be in the same room when their daughters were born, so this earlier involvement is rather a new thing.
Today there are many opportunities for dads to become a part of their daughter`s life from the moment they change her first diaper to rocking them to sleep…

Influence Of Media

The media today can have a very negative influence and some men find it hard to overcome it. For example, almost every TV show that has come out in the last 20 years portrays dads as bumbling idiots who have a hard time trying to understand women. These stereotypes are nothing but a poor picture of what a father should be, so men need to recognize them and ignore them.

Role Of Moms

The role of the dad is certainly a very important one, but in no way, shape or form it should diminish the role of moms when it comes to raising daughters. It`s impossible to number all the valuable information, virtues and advices that moms bring to the table…

For all the men who read this article and for all who are concerned about their relationship with their daughters there is still hope, even if they weren`t involved in the early days. Remember, it’s never too late to form a healthy and close relationship with your daughter.


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