Toddler Electrocuted After Putting Plugged In Phone Charger In Mouth

Toddler Electrocuted After Putting Plugged In Phone Charger In Mouth

A tragic incident that took place in India recently saw a 2-year-old toddler electrocuted when she put the end of a phone charged into her mouth while it was still plugged.

The incident took place in the city of Jahangirabad.

The toddler’s parents Razia and Shahid live in Delhi, the Indian capital, but the mother and the daughter went to her mother’s house located in Jahangirbad.
Raiza wanted to be with her parents for prayers, being the holy month of Ramadan.

Raiza left her daughter to play alone after they arrived and greeted with the grandparents, and, according to Times of India, someone from the family had put the switch on to charge his mobile phone.

However, the person had removed the phone from the charges, but left the charges behind with the switch still on.

The baby was playing inside the house unattended, and might have noticed the charger’s cable dangling from the switchboard.
She put the cable inside her mouth, and it was then when disaster struck.
Local media reports that the baby was left unconscious as soon as she was electrocuted, and was quickly rushed to the hospital.

However, she was declared lifeless upon arrival.

The Jahangirabad’s police reports that a case has not been filed yet, but they will act accordingly if someone approaches them for a complaint.

Many people were shocked, and they expressed their opinions about the case on Twitter.
Parents, please unplug your chargers from the wall when not being used if you have toddlers or puppies running around.


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