‘Trans-Species’ Woman Says She’s An Elf And Shares How Life’s Like As An ‘Otherkin’

‘Trans-Species’ Woman Says She’s An Elf And Shares How Life’s Like As An ‘Otherkin’

A ‘transpecies’ woman who identifies herself as an elf divided Good Morning Britain’s viewers yesterday.

The woman in name is Kimberel Eventide from Chicago, and she says that she’s an elf trapped in a human’s body. She identifies herself as an “Otherkin”, which is a term that describes people who feel a connection to mythical creatures and do not consider themselves entirely human.

Ms. Eventide revealed to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid that she connected with J R R Tolkien’s characters after reading The Lord of the Rings.

The opinions among viewers, however, have been divided. Some thought that it’s cool to have your own beliefs, while many others questioned whether the whole interview was just a “late April Fool’s joke”.

Susanna introduced the guest somewhat skeptically, and she told viewers that transpecies means that you can e anything from a unicorn to a mermaid or a dragon.

Kimberel told the viewers that she identifies as an Otherkin, which is something like an elf. She has a human body, but her soul belongs to another species, and it’s all about a way of life and about being connected to nature.

“It’s not about the ears, it’s about who you are on the inside and how you carry yourself.” – she noted.

Morgan asked her if she’s serious about her identification, and she said that Otherkins are “unique humans on earth” and said that people are now questioning “what is a human” more and more.

He then asked her if she is married to another elf, or if she’s allowed to be intimate with humans, and she revealed that she’s married to a non-elf, “very human” man. However, if they were to have a baby, it would be a mix of “Elvin soul within the human body”.

Ahead of the interview, Morgan suggested that he too had a new identity for himself.

The controversial 54-year-old host said that he would like to announce that he now identifies as skinny, even though he’s been carrying a bit of timber, and he said that he’s one of the world’s first “trans-slenders”.


Her real name is Kimberley Lennon and she has made transphobic comments in the past on her social media pages. Also she has a history of doing quite messed up “response videos” to people whose views she doesn’t agree with, also stalking and harrassing people on youtube. She is also a paranoid and she twists and turns what other people say to make out of it whatever she wants. She’s totally nuts and she probably needs psychological help.

@Anonymous True story. I’m also an Elf Kin and used to be acquainted with her through a group on Facebook (which she’s a big reason as to why I left) and when I first saw articles about her interview on GMB coming out, I legit felt sick and embarrassed because, straight up, she’s a narcissist and a poser (yeah, yeah, I know; fancy that: someone who says they’re also Otherkin calling another so-called Otherkin a “poser”. Believe me, I wholeheartedly know how that sounds LoL) and there are many of us who, like me, are seriously unhappy about her bs.

Anyway, when all this first came out back in April, I spoke up on an Elf Kin page I co-mod on Facebook about her and my experiences with her (and my co-mod contributed hers as well) and the hair-ripping upset and embarrassment of her not only going off in this interview as if she speaks for all of us but also the fact that this was with Piers Morgan for fucks sake, who we all know just LURVES to crap on people for far more inane things. The thought of her putting the Otherkin community on Piers’ radar when any of us with a brain already knows that to “normal” people we look crazy as it is and then she went and voluntarily placed us on Piers’ platter of public mockery. Awesome.

Anyway, here it is 3 months later and lo and behold, my rant apparently circulated to her attention this past weekend and OH MY GODS, the chit hit the fan and then smashed to the floor for a tantrum. This tantrum included videos she’d done for her YouTube specifically bitching and whinging about my post, how “mean” I was, etc. Oh, and in one of her comments, she tried to threaten me with a defamation suit XDDDDDDDDDD Chick should really only try that crap with people she knows with certainty have no knowledge of the law or how it works because, uh, good luck with that.

Anyway, despite my co-mod replying to her only ONCE to rip her a new one and to inform her that we would not be otherwise indulging her bullshit any further, especially since she’d blatantly denied any sort of wrongdoing on her part (concerning her previous treatments of me and my co-mod during the time we were acquainted with her), Kim kept commenting and commenting and trying to elicit reactions from me and my co-mod and draw us into her drama and butthurt over her being called out for her crap.

I ended up having to BAN HER from our page because she WOULD. NOT. STOP commenting!!! She did this shit for like 3 days before I finally was like “Fuck this, enough is enough.”

And yes, her comments were CHOCK FULL of that twisting words kind of BS, as were the comments of some of her poor groupies that she sicced on us with her “OMG these people are so mean to me!!!” videos she put out on her YouTube.

Also, Anonymous, you’re definitely not the only person I’ve heard speak up about Kim being transphobic as well as a denier of non-binary people. Apparently, we can be Elves or whatever in human bodies but there’s only such thing as 2 genders. Go figure.

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