Transgender Man Welcomes A Son After Being Told He Could Not Get Pregnant

Transgender Man Welcomes A Son After Being Told He Could Not Get Pregnant

Wyley Simpson is a 28-year-old man from Texas, and he lives with his fiance Stephen Gaeth. He began his transformation from female to male at the age of 21, and even though he used to take testosterone therapy and was told by doctors that he couldn’t fall pregnant, he discovered that he was pregnant in February last year.

The couple didn’t feel ready to become parents at first, but Wyley decided to carry through with his pregnancy. And, even when he was facing judgment from strangers every day, he gave birth to their son Rowan in September. He admits that even though it was all worth it, he wouldn’t go through it again because of the numerous rude comments he had received.

Wyley still has his female reproductive organs, and he gave birth by C-section a few months ago. However, the pregnancy was very emotionally draining for him, and he said that he received a fair amount of rude comments every day. He added that it’s not every day that people see a pregnant man walking down the road, so he kind of understands the comments.

“I would be told that I’ll never be a man, “men don’t carry babies” and everyone called me “it”.” – he noted.

Wyley intends to make the full transition in the future.

He said that even though he was already worried as this was his first pregnancy, he was also nervous because he had to deal with a lot of stigma behind him being a pregnant man.

He had begun his transitioning process at the age of 21, so having a physical baby bump was something so feminine for him that it messed with his head.

However, it was all worth it when Rowan came to this world and when he became a father. Even Wyley was grateful that he could carry his own child, he was only able to feel comfortable about becoming a father only once their son was born. He has now settled into family life and returned to hormone therapy.


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