Transgender Women “Should Be Entitled To Womb Transplants” And Have Their Own Baby

Transgender Women “Should Be Entitled To Womb Transplants” And Have Their Own Baby

The first baby born using a womb transplanted from a deceased donor was born in Brazil late last year, and a leading surgeon in Britain has called for transgender women to be entitled to womb transplants so they can have their own babies.

The healthy girl born in Brazil is a major breakthrough in fertility medicine, and it comes only four years after the first womb transplant baby from a live donor was born in Sweden in 2014.

The founder of the London Transgender Clinic, surgeon Christopher Inglefield, now says that uterus implant into a trans-female is achievable nowadays.

According to him, the procedure is “essentially identical” to that of “cis-women born in that gender”.

He said that this pioneering birth is extremely important for any trans female that would like to carry her own child, and once the medical community accepts this as a treatment for cis-women with uterine infertility, it would be illegal to deny a trans-female who has completed her transition.

It has been confirmed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) that there are no regulations that prevent a trans woman who has received a uterus transplant from having IVF treatment.

Mr. Inglefield explains that the most important step would be the harvesting from the donor, because great care is required in order to avoid damage to the veins and arteries supplying the uterus. The “plumbing in” is then straight forward, as the donor’s vessels are connected to the pelvic artery and veins, which are the same in both males and females.


I find these claims highly suspect, unethical, exaggerated, dismissive of the risks involved, etc. ONE successful birth, with strict requirements met for the organ, & IN A FEMALE, shouldn’t be leading to this demand for bio males to get an unnecessary, experimental, astronomically expensive, high risk surgery. Does anyone understand what these people are asking for? Why should anyone feel entitled to this? It’s not a human right to have a baby & it’s definitely not a requirement to be a woman.

All organ transplants are prone to hyperacute (immediate) acute (1 wk – 3mos) & in some cases, chronic failure (the body rejects everything) with the best of circumstances. There’s risks from clots, infections, rejection, medication, etc. Anti rejection drugs would be required (during a pregnancy too). Now add in an experimental surgery on bodies that didn’t evolve to have that organ, & the fact that science still can’t explain a lot about how pregnancy works in general.

So far, in a handful of women, the donated uterus has been from a relative, & had a prior success giving vaginal birth only, can’t be cesarean, narrowing the donation qualifications even further.

Blood donations from previously pregnant women, despite success, can be fatal to men b/c of changes to the blood. On average, men have shorter intestines, b/c there’s no uterus & ovaries to compete with, so an expanding uterus would put those at risk. Their pelvis is too narrow, can’t flex (are they planning on shattering it?) No body capable of hyper flexing, allowing tendons, joints, ligaments, etc. to move, even if they could produce relaxin (women tend to be more flexible to start with), etc. Their body is lacking in the abilities & necessary components to develop a baby, no matter what this article tries to claim… the list could go on. Are these doctors, reporters, or the public, that uninformed of biology these days?

So ALL of that aside for a moment, ethics & morality hasn’t even been touched yet. It’s not life saving, it’s high risk, it’s astronomical in cost$ (you’re talking hundreds of thousands+) not being beneficial in anyway, except for a few who feel they’re so entitled to this, regardless of the risks, etc, & worse still; it would be purposefully creating a life, to use in a science experiment. No regard for possible defects/ deformities. No concern about using the organs of women this way. No qualms about doing this on healthy male bodies, not meant for pregnancy. It’s rather disturbing that any ethical medical professional would entertain this.

Elinor Holmquist

Either misinformed or deliberately misleading. The research lead for the successful uterus transplant programme at Karolinska in Stockholm has published research speculating on adapting the procedure for implantation in male-born people identifying as women. As the tissues of a ‘neo-vagina’ are incapable of supporting the bacterial flora that plays a part in successful pregnancies using a donor uterus, a female donor to transwomen would also need to have part of her vagina removed. In addition, the blood vessels that support circulation to the uterus have a larger diameter in women, and would also need to be removed from the donor. He speculates that, as the ‘retrieval’ of necessary supporting tissues would be such a risky and massive intervention, donors would need to be deceased. There are further questions about pelvic ligaments and, of course the viability, ethics and consequences of attempting to mimic the hormones that are produced naturally in women, and which are critical for successful pregnancies.

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