Are You Trapped In An Unhappy Marriage Without Even Knowing? 10 Most Common Complaints From Unhappy Wives

Are You Trapped In An Unhappy Marriage Without Even Knowing? 10 Most Common Complaints From Unhappy Wives

Check out these top 10 complains and find out!

1. “He Never Helps Around The House”

In the `60s men spent only 4 hours a week on chores, while women spent 30-plus. Although in the past years we have made some progress in that area ( men 10 hours, women 18 hours per week) we are far from being equal, which can be very annoying and exhausting.

If you want to make sure that your husband pulls his weight around the house you`ll have to be specific about what you want and remember that chores don`t have to be divided down the middle to be equal.

2.”He Doesn’t Know Anything About The Kids”

When it comes to the kids Most wives complain that their men don`t know what`s going on a daily basis. Studies have found that men interact with their children for a minimum of three hours a day. The main difference is than men communicate to exchange information, while women use it to bond. Just let your child handle the lapses as long as your husband is on top of the big stuff.

3. ” He Always Plays Video Games”

Tech is known to get in the middle if a marriage whether it’s a video game or endless hours on social media. Playing video games can be a problem only if it affects the everyday routine. The best way to handle is to establish some guidelines like no tech before bed or no phones until the kids are in bed. There is always a way for the both of you to give into your guilty teach pleasure without harming your marriage.

4. “We Have The Same Arguments Every Single Damn Day”

Every couple has few disagreements that seem to come up repeatedly, and that`s not necessarily a bad thing. According to a study from Florida State University “angry but honest” conversation can help your marriage because the stop complains from festering. If things escalate that a sitting down is a must to get down to the root of the problem.

5. “He Drinks Too Much”

No one is happy if their partner indulges into their alcohol-guzzling habits. You both have to watch it because married women drink more than their single friends. It`s often for couples to fall into some less-than-healthy habits so if you suspect it`s more than just a habit, that drinking lees is a good choice to make.

6. “His Family Drives Me Nuts”

Maybe your husband loves his mom a bit too much so she`s always in the mix. Figuring out why that bugs you as much its worth figuring out. According to a study from the University of Michigan the risk of divorce is increased by 20% when wives are close to their husband’s parents. It`s essential for you and your husband to make sure you are united in decisions, especially the ones that involve your kids, despite your parents being in the mix.

7. “He Always Wants To Make Love”

It`s harder for a woman to get into the mood between work drama, camp pickups and an overflowing inbox. But actually it might be a good idea to follow his lead, especially when you`re both stressed. An active love life is the key to a happy marriage. Try to spice up your love life with things like sexy messages during the day, long showers after your kids go to bed or simply telling your husband what gets you going.

8. “The Credit Card Statement Is Always A Surprise”

Purchasing a big TV is not a problem, but not discussing a big purchase is. In that case you need to sit down, have an honest conversation about financial transparency. Try to set up some ground rules like agreeing on every purchase over $200. It’s always a good idea to set the framework for financial honesty.

9. “A Little Appreciation Would Be Nice”

Not every complaint is rooted in misunderstanding so maybe sometimes your husband just doesn’t know the way you want to be appreciated. Would you like a passionate kiss every morning, an occasional surprise bouquet or compliments about your efforts at home. It`s not romantic when you have to spell out what you want, but experts agree that clarity is the best way to go. Just remember: Gratitude goes both ways.

10. “He`s Gone All The Time”

Many wives end up feeling more alone in marriage than they did when they were single. Whether he`s a workaholic, has some hobby or just gone taking care of things, you`re often stuck at home managing everything alone. His absence is not that important as long as he pays attention and spends quality time with you and your kids.


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