Tree-Planting Drones Fire “Seed Missiles” And Can Plant 400k Trees A Day

Tree-Planting Drones Fire “Seed Missiles” And Can Plant 400k Trees A Day

Sadly, technology is the single biggest contributor to climate change. However, it may soon also become useful to offset the damage we’ve done to our planet since the Industrial Age has begun.

A project in Myanmar that took place in September 2018 used drones to “fire seed missiles” into remote areas of the country where trees were not growing.
Thousands of those seeds have sprouted into 20-inch mangrove saplings, less than a year later, and this can literally be a case study in how technology can be used to make our way out of the climate change crisis.

The co-founder of Biocarbon Engineering, Irina Fedorenko, said that they now have a case confirmed of what species we can plant and in what conditions, so they are now ready to scale up their planting and replicate their success.

Fedoranko adds that just two operators could send out a mini-fleet of seed missile planting drones, and they could plant up to 400,000 trees a day.

The drones were designed by an ex-NASA designer, and even though the area that needs reseeding in Myanmar is equal to the size of Rhode Island, it doesn’t seem impossible with the recent technology achievement.

According to Bremley Lyngdoh, founder and CEO of World Impact, reseeding the area could theoretically house as many as 1 billion new trees.

Planting a billion trees would have taken a very long time without the help of drones. However, they now have a powerful ally in their corner, and they hope to plant around 4 million trees before the end of 2019.


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