Trolls Branded Her A “Whale”, But This Plus-Size Woman Refuses To Stop Celebrating Her Body

Trolls Branded Her A “Whale”, But This Plus-Size Woman Refuses To Stop Celebrating Her Body

Megan Fisher had been obsessed over weight loss for years, and she have even considered a surgery to change her body.
She spent her teen years being mistreated because of her size.

However, she is now more confident than ever at a size 26, and she enjoys her new sense of self-love by posing in her collection of 50 different bikinis on Instagram.

The 28-year-old teacher always felt insecure in her body while growing up, and she thought that happiness depended on losing weight throughout her teens and early twenties.

She used to live with her boyfriend that didn’t make her happy, and she used to work a job she hated.

As she was getting ready to have a gastric bypass in January 2014, she discovered the body positivity movement and was immediately inspired by it.
She realized that she can, in fact, be happy at her size and that she didn’t need to lose weight to change her life.

She decided to quit her job, she left her boyfriend and moved to New York.
Moving to New York changed everything for the better, as she learned to love her body and accept it.

She is now confident in her looks and feels comfortable showing off her body on Instagram in bikinis.

However, she often faces very bad messages from trolls who tell her that she’s going to leave this world young, and some of them even call her a “whale”.
Megan, though, refuses to stop celebrating her body, and she hopes that she will let other women know that their weight shouldn’t hold them back from feeling great by sharing her photos.

Megan told MetroUK that she was unhappy with her body because she didn’t know what happiness even was.

SHe would have never worn a bikini until she moved to New York and found her new mindset of self-love.
She said that she was very self-conscious of her body in high school, and she truly believed that she would never be able to have a boyfriend until she lost weight.

SHe was even too afraid to talk to people in high school because of how she felt about her body, and she never had plus-size role models in her life while growing up.
Even though she had plus-size people in real life whom she loved, they were constantly trying to lose weight themselves.

Megan is now grateful because she managed to find the body positivity movement before she went through with surgery, and she now hopes to provide that moment of inspiration and support for other people that are struggling with body image.

She believes that by posting photos of her, she normalizes things society says fat girls can’t do, like wearing a bikini, dating attractive men, traveling, hiking, being fashionable, eating food in public, etc.

Her goal is to be the role mode she needed when she was younger!


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