Try “Rage Yoga” And Release All Of Your Stress By Using Swear Words And Beer

Try “Rage Yoga” And Release All Of Your Stress By Using Swear Words And Beer

Many people find their inner peace and happiness by doing yoga. However, there are also people who need something a bit more extreme to get their negativity out, and that’s why Rage Yoga exists.

The inventor of Rage Yoga is the talented Lindsay Istace from Calgary, Alberta.

Ashley Duzich from Ashley Duzich Welnns is a Rage Yoga trainer based in Houston, Texas. She thinks that some people need to release and let go, and Rage Yoga is the right place to do so.

Rage Yoga is a practice that involves stretching, breathing, the usual yoga postures, and a lot of bad humor, according to Duzich.

She says that yoga itself means union, or a union with yourself. However, you are not always that super-calm and quiet, like many yoga places are. Being in a union with oneself means that there’s also some rage inside of you, and that’s what these classes tend to get out of you as well.

Duzich describes the Rage Yoga as a true release for everything that is bothering you. Everyone is angry about something, and we have all been holding onto some “F-bomb” for too long. So, the Rage Yoga allows you to have your own safe space where you can let go all of your frustration and rage away. And, when is all said and done, you can wash it away with a cold beer.

To point things out though, this is actually a real yoga, and all of the instructors are appropriately qualified.
Duzich was inspired to practice Rage Yoga when she was in a low point in her life, and her regular yoga practice was no longer serving her and allowing her to release the negativity.

She adds, however, that this is not for everyone, and she doesn’t recommend bringing your children.


Hi FemPositive! Thank you for the write up and I love your site! Just one typo though. I am not the inventor. That would be the talented Lindsay Istace from Calgary, Alberta.

Thank you for letting us know. We made changes to the article and Lindsay Istace is credited as the inventor of Rage Yoga. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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