Tucker Carlson Says Successful Women Are Responsible For The Decline Of Men

Tucker Carlson Says Successful Women Are Responsible For The Decline Of Men

According to a recent segment on Tucker Carlson’s program on Fox News, financially successful women are actually contributing to the decline of men across the country.
He described the questionable trends using supposed studies on Wednesday night, and he said that women with high earnings were “emasculating men across the country”. Errm, what?
Apparently, many male-dominated industries, such as manufacturing, are on the decline, and many female-dominated “industries” like schools and hospitals are on the rise. So, he said that many women suddenly made more than men.

He also claimed that alcohol and substance use were higher in the areas where women were outperforming men, but he did NOT provide any specific data to support this. So, according to Carlson, women earning more creates societal problems for the next generation. It causes a drop in marriage and a spike in out-of-wedlock births, and he thinks that it leads to the “familiar disasters”.

Check what he said below:

OK, so to be real here, there is an actual data that supports this idea that women who earn more than their husbands are more likely to divorce them, but one should not point out at women to be at fault for that. Mona Chalabi from FiveThirtyEight.com said recently that maybe the reason for that is because the high-earning women CAN divorce their husbands, because they have the financial independence to walk away from an unsuccessful marriage.

And another research has shown that women who earn more actually take on more of the “traditional” household chores because they don’t want men to feel “burdened” by their incomes.

And yet another study has shown that men are more likely to cheat on their wives if the woman is the one earning more in the relationship. Why? Because men believe that they have to feel more “manly” and they have to live up to the social pressures.
So, the real issue is a society that places greater importance on men succeeding, and not women earning more money. According to Carlson, the only “solution” is to keep women’s incomes down, and it has been proven by numerous studies that when women earn less money, it correlates with higher rates of husbands physically showing their power over their wives.


Tucker, sir you are a coward. You blather out this nonsense to monger fear. You talk at men by way of thier ego. You think if you accuse Women of all of men trouble……men will be defensive and abusive….like they aren’t already. I say f*ck you…We will continue to rise and battle for our place…….Equality is the best way for all, you moron.

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