TV Host Mocked Joaquin Phoenix’s “Cleft Lip”, Sparks Outrage On Twitter

TV Host Mocked Joaquin Phoenix’s “Cleft Lip”, Sparks Outrage On Twitter

Many people branded Wendy Williams “disgraceful” for her inappropriate comments about the Oscar-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix’s “cleft lip”.

She mocked the Joker actor during the Hot Topics segment of her show. She described him as “oddly attractive”, and she said that she first fawned over his “piercing eyes” before she critiqued a scar on his upper lip, which is most often masked by his beard.

She said that Phoenix has a “hairline fracture” when he shaves off his mustache, and she added that “he’s got one of that cleft lip, cleft palate”.

She even hooked her finger under her lip as she was suffering from the condition, which is a common birth defect that happens when a baby’s lip or mouth do not form properly during pregnancy.

The actor has said that his mark is actually a nonsurgical scar he was born with, and it is thought that he was born with a “microform clef”, which is a mild form of cleft which often doesn’t require surgery. However, it leaves a small groove in the upper lip.

Wendy has since been heavily criticized on the internet, but it all started when Canadian football player Adam Bighill criticized her on Twitter.

Bighill was born with a cleft lip and palate, and his baby son Beau also has the condition, so he wrote that Wendy Williams mimicked a cleft lip and palate person, and her actions are hideous and offensive. He thinks that what she promotes is bad, and what she did was irresponsible.

Wendy’s comments sparked outrage on social media, and many people spoke out on Twitter.

The talk show has since apologized, and she said that she will donate to charities for cleft lip and palate.


Just wondering if Wendy Williams has looked in a mirror lately?

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