Two Friends Of Different Sizes Are Wear Same Clothes To Start Body-Positivity Challenge

Two Friends Of Different Sizes Are Wear Same Clothes To Start Body-Positivity Challenge

The fashion industry and its unrealistic standards, accompanied by high expectations, have made millions of girls and women around the world feel insecure about themselves. Hopefully the stigma around plus-size models is slowly fading away, but unfortunately the steps are so slow that they’re barely noticeable.
One of the best things about living in 2020, though, is that the internet and social media are widely available, which means that people can take matters into their own hands more easily and rewrite the rules!

Denise Mercedes is a plus-size model that decided to do just that: change the rules! She launched a challenge on TikTok named “Style Not Size” with her friend Maria Castellanos, and the challenge sees the two of them putting on the same outfits, even though they’re different sizes. Her videos have since been viewed and liked by millions of people.

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Here’s how subtle our subconscious yields to culture:
If you click and look at all the pictures (they are great but…) there are a few that the thinner friend is in the foreground. No big deal but after a few of them I realized there were NONE with the larger friend in the foreground. They are either side by side or the thinner friend in front.
I know they were trying to make a great and positive point and I applaud them for doing so. The point I’m trying to make is even with our understanding of our culture’s desire to implant what is desirable in our frame of thinking this small difference shows how hard it is to eradicate it. I’m not dissing them. I’m just trying to point out how deeply rooted it is. We don’t even realize it EVEN when we realize it!

These two ladies look amazing! Body positive images! Hugs and Thank you!

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