Video Of A Homeless Woman Singing Opera On LA Subway Touched The Hearts Of Millions

Video Of A Homeless Woman Singing Opera On LA Subway Touched The Hearts Of Millions

A homeless woman in Los Angeles has found overnight fame after she was filmed singing opera in the subway station.

The talented 52-year-old was recorded by a police officer that was struck by her incredible voice. He then uploaded it to Twitter, where it quickly became a viral sensation.

This is what the LAPD wrote:

“4 million people call LA home. 4 million stories. 4 million voices…sometimes you just have to stop and listen to one, to hear something beautiful,”

The woman has since been identified as Emily Zamourka, and she can be heard singing a beautiful rendition of Puccini Aria on the platform at the Wilshire and Normandie Purple Line station. Surprisingly, though, she’s had no formal vocal training, but she is a trained pianist and violinist.

She told reporters that she sings in the subway because it sounds so great.
Zamourka used to play her violin around the city and make money, but someone stole her $10,000 instrument three years ago, and after a serious health challenge and a financial setback, she ended up on the street.
She said that it was then when she became homeless and she’s now sleeping on cardboard in a parking lot. She was surprised to find out that the video of her singing has become so popular, and she told reporters that she just wants to return to playing music so she can get back on her feet.

She noted that she would be very grateful to anyone who is trying to help her get off the streets and have her own place and her instrument.
Many locals have since seen the video and shared their own stories of interactions with her.

Many people said that she is very friendly and kind, and sings like a bird. Others, however, took the video as a chance to call out the homelessness crisis in Southern California. There are currently more than 58,900 homeless people on the streets of Los Angeles alone, and some officials are calling for it to be declared a state of emergency.


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