Volvo’s New Parental Leave Policy Made Many Anti-LGBT People Angry

Volvo’s New Parental Leave Policy Made Many Anti-LGBT People Angry

The majority of big brands in almost every branch are jumping on the progressive and liberal ad campaigns bandwagon.

However, many of them have sparked a great deal of controversy. Remember Gillette’s ads that received huge backlash on the internet? The one on body positivity and the other one on toxic masculinity.

Well, the last manufacturing company to jump on the train is the Swedish vehicle company Volvo. They have recently come under the spotlight for featuring two same-gender partners in their mist recent ad which was introducing the company’s newest paid gender-neutral parental leave policy. It was inspired by the Swedish approach to parental leave, and the ad stirred up a lot of controversy on their Facebook page:

As it turns out, the company has introduced a new policy on paid, gender-neutral parental leave for their employees.

Volvo’s head of HR said that their EMEA team wondered how can they extend their human-centric and progressive benefits to their employees outside Sweden, so they introduced a paid, gender-neutral parental leave policy for all their sales company employees in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), and they are offering parents a total of six months of leave with 80% pay.

They added that the EMEA initiative is one of several activities with the aim to create an inclusive culture and attract a diverse set of people, as it improves life-work balance and boosts family time.

Even though most countries in the EMEA region already have some form of paid parental leave, Volvo explains that there’s a large discrepancy between what is available for mothers and father, and it’s often to the disadvantage of the latter.

Their policy also aims to boost career opportunities for women by “reducing career and pay gaps”.

Some people in the comments, however, weren’t too happy about the announcement:


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