Washington In SHOCK! Trump ACCEPTS Stunning Invitation To Meet Kim Jong-Un Face To Face

Washington In SHOCK! Trump ACCEPTS Stunning Invitation To Meet Kim Jong-Un Face To Face

The White House has confirmed that the President Donald Trump will have a meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

It was first announced by the national security adviser of South Korea, and it will take place in May.

The White House secretary did not confirm the date and place of the meeting though.

She said that even though the President greatly appreciates the nice words of the South Korean delegation, and will accept the invitation of Kim Jong-un, they still need to maintain the current sanctions.

The invitation from Kim Jong-un to meet Trump was made directly by the delegation of South Korea who visited North Korea last week. The delegation’s representative said that Kim Jong-un is aware and accepts that the military exercises of the U.S. and South Korea will continue, but he promised to stop the nuclear testings until the meeting with President Trump.

It was later said by a U.S. official that the meeting will happen in ‘a matter of a couple of months’, and that the North Korean dictator wanted to meet President Trump as quickly as possible, but the punishing actions against North Korea will remain.

President Trump tweeted repeating the point, saying that there will be no nuclear testing by North Korea during this period of time and that Kim Jong Un talked with the South Korean delegation representatives about denuclearization. He thinks that great progress has been made, but the sanctions must still remain.

Other nations praise the agreement for a meeting to be made between the two leaders.

The news have been welcomed by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who thinks this is a step in the right direction, hoping that the situation around the Korean peninsula will be normalized.

China’s foreign ministry hopes that all parties in the meeting will ‘show their political courage’, and they stated that they support the positive inter-Korean interactions.

The news about the meeting between Trump and Jong-un saw the Asian stock markets rising, and the yen dropping. Seul rose 1,1 percent, and Tokyo 0.5 percent.

Most of the East Asian’s stock markets rose, and the president of the Eurasia Group, Ian Bremmer, said that the meeting is a big deal. But, there’s always the worry that things can go badly, and that the agreement of Trump to meet with Kim Jong-un could backslide.

The Yen saw a plunge due to the hopes that the two could come to an agreement and the US dollar jumped to the highest level this week.
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24 hours prior to the announcement of the White House about the meeting, the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that the U.S was a long way from negotiations with North Korea, but after the announcement, she stated that the decision was made by the President himself.

She also noted that President Trump has been saying for some time that he is willing to meet with Kim Jong-un and that the time was right. The North Korean dictator surprised them at how forward-leaning he was in his conversations with the delegation from South Korea.

The meeting between Chung, the representative of the South Korean delegation and Kim was made earlier this week in Pyongyang, the capital in North Korea.

Afterwards, Chung flew to Washington to brief President Trump and other officials.

He thanked President Trump in the name of President Moon Jae-in and explained that his leadership and maximum pressure policy led to the position in which they now are.

He thinks that he delivered Kim’s commitment to denuclearization, as he explained that North Korea promised to stop the nuclear testings, but understands that the joint military exercises between the U.S. and the Republic of Korea must continue.

The President Donald Trump told a small group of reporters who happened to be present in the White House briefing room on Thursday night that a big announcement about North Korea is coming, but he gave no indication what would be declared in it.

In a statement by President Moon of South Korea, he complimented Trump for accepting the invitation from Kim, and said that the leadership by Trump will be praised by every peace-loving person in the world. He will also have a meeting with Kim at the end of April in a village near the borders of the two Koreas.

The White House had declared that a conversation between the two sides will only take place if North Korea agreed to drop the nuclear program, and the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea were the event that provided an opportunity for the two Koreas to renew relations.

Trump had an optimistic tone during his Tuesday press, and he said that even though North Korea seems to be acting positively, but we’re gonna see.

Even though Trump wanted to go the ‘proper’ way first, with diplomatic talks, he thinks that they are prepared to go either way.
He hopes for things to go peacefully, he thinks that the dialogue is very good and that there’s no question that progress has been made.

Trump said that they had called a couple of days and said that they wanted to talk, but he told them that they have to de-nuke first. He is ready to meet but is not certain if something positive will happen.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven offered his nation to act as an arbiter between the U.S. and North Korea because his country has an embassy Pyongyang and said that if the key actors in the discussion decide to, they are there to help.

The potential place for the meeting other than the Swedish embassy was the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.

Trump signalled his willingness and openness to a conversation with Kim Jung-un a week ago, but only if it took place ‘under the right conditions’. He also made a familiar complaint about his predecessors for failing to keep North Korea in check, blasting former president Bill Clinton.

He attacked the administration of Clinton for spending billions and billions of dollars for North Korea, giving them money and building things for them, and the moment they left the country, the North Koreans continued with their nuclear research.

He also attacked the Bush administration for doing nothing, and Obama’s administration for wanting to do something, but doing nothing either.

At his conference in the White House on Tuesday, he said that the North Koreans seem sincere in their offer to pause nuclear testings if the U.S. sits down and talks.

He believes that the sincerity comes from the very strict sanctions the U.S. has put. The main opening of these talks were the Pyeongchang Games.

The head of the North Korea’s delegation in the Olympic games was none other but Kim’s sister and the two Koreans marched under one flag during the opening ceremony.

In President Trump’s 35-minute speech, that was supposed to be around 10 minutes, he said that he hopes that positive things are happening.
He is still reserved for the meeting and is unsure if anything positive will happen in the problem that should have been fixed a long time ago.


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