We All Love Life Hacks, But These Are As Funny As They Come

We All Love Life Hacks, But These Are As Funny As They Come

We all love life hacks, right? They offer a bunch of handy shortcuts that let us get the boring stuff done quicker and easier, and they can bring all sorts of fun.

However, the life hacks on this list are definitely not that! We present you with a series of parody life hacks that are so useless that they are only good for making jokes out of them.

Make sure to scroll down and check out the list for yourself, but we strongly advise you not to take any of this terrible “hacks” for granted, as some of them can be actually dangerous!

1.Turn an old doll into a lamp in no time!

2. Life hack!

3. You know that eggs are really healthy, but you hate the taste? Say no more! Add butter, cacao, and flour and bake for 25 minutes.

4. If you sleep until noon, you will only have to pay for 2 meals instead of 3

5. Do not try this at home!

6. An easy way to hold your pasta

7. Is your car making some strange noises? Just turn up your radio until you can’t hear them!

8. Always carry puppies in your arms, in case someone asks for help

9. Coconut oil makes the kale easier to scrape it into the trash!

10. If you are having a s*itty day, put on sunglasses so you will have a s*itty night!

11. Use this whenever you feel lonely

12. Good one!

13. If you find your phone screen too small, put it in the water so it will be magnified up to 200%!

14. Nice tip to save money!

15. Bathroom tip!


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