White Woman Says She “Changed Race” With Injections And Claims Her Children Will “Come Out Black”

White Woman Says She “Changed Race” With Injections And Claims Her Children Will “Come Out Black”

ITV’s This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and co-host John Barrowman were shocked when a white woman who has had numerous melanin injections to darken her skin color claimed that she has managed to “change her race”, and she even added that her future children will be born black.

Martina Big, a white model from Germany, said that she had spoken to doctors and they informed her that if she happens to conceive with her husband Michael (who, by the way, also had tanning injections), the children would come out black. She also said that she spent a lot of time in Kenya in order to engage with the “tribal culture”, and she now identifies as a black woman.

Martina also thinks that she is the holder of the largest breasts in Europe (32S) after she had surgery, and she said that her doctor confirmed that the babies would be black and she would be able to breastfeed.
Holly responded by saying that she wonders how would that be genetically possible, and she asked Martina if she will think that the baby is not connected to her if it was white.

Martina gave a straight answer, saying that she is pretty sure that it will be black or milk chocolate or at least light-skin because it would be a mix of Michael and her.

OK, first, it’s pretty obvious that no one should use terms like “milk chocolate” in 2019, and that’s even before the fact that what she says is nonsense.
Martina and her husband, however, believe in their story, and she even considers herself as an expert on black culture. She went on to say that a lot of Afro-Americans don’t know anything about African culture.

People are, naturally, a bit upset about her claims, and one Twitter user said that she really annoys them. She wants to be a “black woman”, but she will never be, regardless of the color of her skin.
People even accused her of black-facing and said that she infuriates them.

Martina, however, doesn’t seem to be bothered by that at all, as she spent time in Kenya, she was baptized with a new Swahili name, and she now thinks that she is the real deal.
Never the less, this is how she looked before she started getting the melanin injections:


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