Why Are People Shocked That Keanu Reeves Dates A Woman Close To His Age?

Why Are People Shocked That Keanu Reeves Dates A Woman Close To His Age?

As probably most of you know already, one of our favorite actors and humans, Keanu Reeves, has a girlfriend.
However, we’re living in 2019, and it seems like there must be a debate about who his girlfriend is, how old she is, what does she do, and what all of those details mean.

Following a few weeks of rumors, Keanu Reeves showed up at an art gala in Los Angeles holding hands with his longtime artistic collaborator, Alexandra Grant.

The move, expectedly, prompted a huge wave of discussion on the internet, and most of it was centered on the mystery woman’s identity, and especially her age.
Well, even though it might look surprising for a Hollywood star, Grant showed up with a flowing silver hair and natural appearance, which grabbed the attention of many. And, unlike many other Hollywood men his age, Reeves is dating an older woman, or someone that is within his age range.

So, who is Alexandra Grant?

Well, she glaring at her CV, she seems awesome. She’s an award-winning artist, known for her gorgeous creations and illustrations in Reeves’ 2011 book Ode to Happiness. She and Reeves co-founded an art-focused publishing press in 2017, and she also used her art to start a charity.

Grant has said in interviews that she wants to live like a ghost. She wants to be light in touch, but she believes she’s really here for a specific purpose.

The two have known each other for years, and their friendship wasn’t hidden. However, it seems like they just started dating this spring, and as delightful it is to see Reeves holding hands with someone at a public event, this not just another celebrity relationship. This one is notable for a few reasons.

The thing is that “age-appropriate” Hollywood relationships have become so rare that they’ve become some sort of a subject of fascination and intrigue.

It seems that many people assumed that Grant is older than Reeves, particularly because of her silver-haired appearance in the photos from the Los Angeles event. In fact, though, she’s 46, nearly a decade younger than Reeves, who is 55. So, their relationship is a good moment for all of us to unpack our built-in cultural assumptions all at once.

Grant has gray hair – so what? In reality, most of us, male or female, start going gray in our 30s, and we’re at least half-gray by the time we reach 50. Yet, the strict beauty standards for women mean that we assume that a woman with gray hair must be older. Otherwise, why wouldn’t she dye the lone gray strands?
Grant received a sort of backlash for her gray hair by users who thought she looks “like a grandma”.

So, rather than focusing on the fact that she’s, apparently, a fascinating creator in her own right, people are focused on criticizing and scrutinizing her over her age and her choice to be silver-haired.
To add to that, Reeves is receiving universal praise for dating a woman “his own age”, even though the woman is still nearly a decade younger than him.

And when you think about it, the praise makes sense superficially. Keanu Reeves has been seen as America’s sweet, respectful, perfect man in recent years, and for him, to date, an “age-appropriate” woman is completely in keeping with his persona and reputation that he’s not like the other Hollywood A-list men.

However, Keanu isn’t making much out of the relationship or his partner’s apparent age, and he continues to live his life out of the public eye. And, in the end, anything that makes him happy makes most of us happy – so it’s a win-win for everyone.
Cheers to the new couple, and may they be excellent to one another.


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