Wife Chose Not To Visit Dying Husband To Save Masks For The Doctors And Nurses

Wife Chose Not To Visit Dying Husband To Save Masks For The Doctors And Nurses

As bad as the COVID-19 pandemic is, it managed to bring out the best of some people in the worst-possible situations, and this is one of those stories.

The heartbreaking story was shared by a nurse named Blaire Guidry, and it moved the world to tears.
Guidry told PEOPLE that she had a patient who was diagnosed with COVID-19, and his condition worsened. However, his wife’s selfless gesture has won the hearts of the internet. The wife decided not to visit his husband that was passing as she worried that her repeated visits could cause a shortage of medical equipment. As we all know, doctors, nurses, and other medical staff have reported an extreme shortage of PPE, so they’re literally risking their lives to treat their patients.

Guidry, who works at Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans, said that the woman’s husband was her first COVID-19 patient. He was a man in his 70s, and he was not doing well. His wife called her every day and told her that she was just sitting at home, crying.
The man eventually passed, but the woman’s decision not to visit him at the hospital is truly noteworthy.

The number of COVID-19 cases has been on the rise in New Orleans, and experts blame Mardi Gras, the week-long celebration that takes all around the city for the surge.
According to a specialist, “the greatest free party in the world” served as a perfect incubator at the perfect time.

Guidry added that the center is full of coronavirus patients, but there’s a shortage of equipment. To add to that, the frontline medical workers are being asked to reuse their medical gear, including masks and protective gowns.
She stated that the wife could have come, as the spouse and children are allowed to visit patients if it’s the end of life and they’re turning off machines. However, the wife knew that she would have to be masked if she came, and she didn’t want to take away a mask, knowing how much medical workers need that equipment.

“I’m not a crier. It was just so selfless it made me cry.” – added the nurse.


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