Woman Arrested After Asking Her Husband To Help Out Around The House More

Woman Arrested After Asking Her Husband To Help Out Around The House More

Valerie Sanders is a 58-year-old woman from Catterick, North Yorkshire who has been arrested and charged with “controlling behavior” after she asked her bodybuilder husband to help out around the house.
The woman claims that all she did was ask her husband, the 58-year-old Michael to ditch some of his gym sessions and clean and Hoover the patio doors.
Instead, however, she ended up spending 17 hours in jail and faced charged of controlling behavior.

Her case has been thrown out before it went to trial.

She told the Sun that she was “treated like a criminal” just for asking her husband to clean more.

She also claims that he spends most of his days at the gym and doesn’t do anything around the house except wash his car.

She used to leave him notes for him to clean the house, and four police vans arrived at her door last April and charged her with “coercive or controlling behavior”.

Coercive control is when a person close to you repeatedly behaves in a way that makes you feel dependent, isolated, scared, and controlled.

The case collapsed, however, just a few minutes before the trial was due to start this week.

Valerie said that she had 14 months of hell and thinks that it’s outrageous to go to court for this.

Michael responded by saying that he’s not sure if she should have gone to court or not, but that was not his decision. He still thinks that she was controlling, though, and that she was constantly on at him.

He said that she used to leave the vacuum out and wanted him to clean every day because of the dogs.
The couple got married in 2014 after they met online two years ago.

Valerie said that Michael became obsessed with bodybuilding after he got a job as a gym manager.
She said that he was training all the time, he was eating five to six meals a day, and they stopped going out for meals.

She also added that he started to do bodybuilding competitions, and he started to take Viagra, blaming the steroids.

Michael says that Valerie had been supportive of his bodybuilding until she changed her mind.


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