Woman Called “A Fat Piece Of Garbage” By Boyfriend, Gets Revenge After Drastic Transformation

Woman Called “A Fat Piece Of Garbage” By Boyfriend, Gets Revenge After Drastic Transformation

Alvina Rayne is a Philadelphia mother who turned to fatty and sugary foods in order to cope with the verbal mistreatment she faced on a regular basis by her intimate partner.
However, she wasn’t always overweight, and it was the relationship that made her eat junk food and feel depressed. But, like many people in these types of relationships, she wasn’t strong enough to leave him yet.

Alvina weigh-in 274 when she was at her heaviest weight, and her boyfriend used to call her a “fat piece of garbage” that would never be able to lose weight or meet another man.

She had pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, and her health was going in a downward spiral.

Alvina only ate more and more sugary foods and fast foods in order to cope with the emotional harm done by her partner, but after constantly telling her that she’s “worthless and she will never lose the weight”, something clicked in her.

She gathered all the strength she possibly could, and finally dumped him.

To make it better, not only did she dumped her boyfriend, but Alvina had a complete lifestyle and diet overhaul.

She switched to a low-carb KETO diet and she kept reminding herself what her ex-boyfriend told her, that “no one will want her”.

Alvina dropped 130 pounds and started filming inspiring vide blogs in order to inspire others to make healthier choices in their lives.

Her ex actually did call her and tried to get her back, telling her that “he heard she’s put on some hotness”. She, of course, told him that there was not a single chance in the world she would ever get back with him.

She is now happily married so Sascha, a man who treats her the way she deserves, and she wants others to know that they can start their life completely over.


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