Woman ‘Catfished’ By Tinder Date Forced To Flee After Confronted By Four Men

Woman ‘Catfished’ By Tinder Date Forced To Flee After Confronted By Four Men

A woman had to flee a Tinder date after she realized she was being “catfished” when four men turned up to meet her.

Amy Sharp is a hairdresser from Chard, Somerset, and she was chatting with someone she thought was “James” on Tinder for three weeks.

They eventually agreed to go on a date last Wednesday at 9 pm, but she was surprised to meet four men, and none of them was who she believed was meeting.

The group got out of a white Mercedes and approached her through a dark pub car park, so Amy got an idea to ring “James”. One of the men’s phones lit up, and at that point, she realized that he used a fake account and fake photos to lure her in. She immediately drove off and called the police.

The 28-year-old Amy claims that the police told her “James” had admitted to using fake photos and a fake name, but he said he did it because he had a girlfriend and was worried she would find out.

She said that she was really shaken up, and the more she thinks about it, the scarier it is.

She believes it was calculated, and she doesn’t even want to know what would have happened if she got out of the car.

“Four blokes going to meet one girl on her own – I don’t know what they were planning on doing. They weren’t all going to take me for dinner.” – she notes.

Amy first met “James” on Tinder, and she found him to be ‘totally normal’. They agreed to meet for a drink, but when she spotted the white Mercedes “James” had told her to look out for, she saw four men instead of one.

She realized that he used fake photos, and all of the men started walking towards her car.
He then rang her and asked her why she ran away, and she asked him why are they 4 instead of one guy.

He told her that he brought a friend with him because he didn’t know she was genuine, and he came out that he used a fake name.

He told her that he was, in fact, Matthew, and he told her that he used a fake name and fake photos because he has a girlfriend and he didn’t want her to know.

She says that she wonders what he thought she was going to do when she got there and realized he was a different person.

This is what he sent her afterward:

She called 101 and the incident was handed to the police.

Catfishing – the act of using a fake identity to forge a romantic relationship with someone online is currently not illegal in the U.K.

She says that the police asked if he touched her, and they told her that if he hasn’t – he hasn’t committed a crime.

The police officer told her that if she was under 18, what Matthew did would be illegal, but since she is 28, it’s not.

This is what Amy shared on Facebook after the incident:


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