Woman Caught “Secretly” Taking Creeper Pics Of Male Model

Woman Caught “Secretly” Taking Creeper Pics Of Male Model

Even though many people think that they can take a sneaky photo of a celebrity when they see one, the reality is that they are way less subtle than they think they are, and celebs often know when someone is photographing them.
However, most of them just ignore these amateur paparazzi, or just tell them to stop if the photographer is particularly obnoxious.
However, one model’s reaction when he caught a woman taking a photo of him on the subway was way cooler than it needed to be.

Brazilian jujitsu instructor Loiba that lives in NYC was riding the E train last week when she looked up and saw “an unbelievably gorgeous” guy sitting across from her.

She was absolutely struck by his attractiveness, and she told BuzzFeed that “you rarely see a supermodel ride the subway train”, and she could tell he’s a fashion model because of what he was wearing.
However, beyond his appeal, she felt like she knew him from somewhere, and she decided to “secretly” take a few photos of him in order to figure out who he was later.

These are the photos she took:

She finally realized who he was a few days later: it was supermodel and deaf activist Nyle DiMarco.
She had recognized him from his appearances on America’s Next Top Model, which he won, and Dancing with the Stars, which he also won.

She knew who he was at this point, so she decided to reach out to him on his Facebook fan page and come clean about the photos.

However, to everyone’s surprise, DiMarco actually responded to her post and confessed that he knew she was taking photos of him:

Yeah, that’s right! Not only that he knew she was taking photos of him, but he too took some secret photos of the woman.

Pretty obvious, don’t you think?

DiMarco, however, was very cool about it, and he told BuzzFeed that his only regret was that he didn’t take a selfie with Loiba.

Fans on social media absolutely loved the exchange, and they saw a bit of themselves in her actions.

However, we must note that this sort of photography, or better known as “creep-shots”, is absolutely a No-No! You are not allowed to take photos of people without their consent, even celebs!


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