Woman Explains Why Adoption Isn’t The Answer To The Abortion Question

Woman Explains Why Adoption Isn’t The Answer To The Abortion Question

People who want to legally ban ending of pregnancies often argue that adoption should be the alternative.

Even though we know it’s not that simple, many advocates against the ending of pregnancies say that adoption is the natural alternative. Their idea is that those who are pregnant, but don’t want to keep their babies, should give them up for adoption.

However, there are multiple reasons why adoption isn’t the answer to the question about ending pregnancies.
First: pregnancy and childbirth are major physical and emotional experiences, with very real medical risks and consequences.

Yes, it would have been nice if it were as simple as delivering a baby into the loving arms of adoptive parents, but it’s not!

Many adoption stories involve a lot of trauma, for both the biological parents, and the children placed into the adoption system that is often overburdened and broken in many ways.

Olivia Page is a woman that grew up in that system, and she saw it first hand how those kids have it.

She took it to Facebook to share some insights about the adoption system and everyone who says that “An adoption is always an option”, and her post has been liked and shared thousands of times since:

Olivia Paige managed to emancipate out of the system aged 16, and she’s now doing well.
However, even though she made it through the system, there are thousands of kids in the adoption system that are not so lucky, and the scars of her experiences still linger.

Thankfully, she has found a healthy way to express herself: through self-portraiture and creative photography.
Some of the commenters asked kids like her if they would prefer to have never been born, and their answers might surprise you.

For example, one commenter wrote that they’d have preferred that many times, and others agreed.

Some, however, pointed out that it’s a dumb question, and they would never have known.

Paige, though, responded that she thinks it’s better for a lump of cells to be thrown away than the millions who will be born into a life like this.
She noted that she doesn’t wish she weren’t alive, but pointed out that the point of her post wasn’t that at all.


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